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A business may not always have a clear understanding of why they should have environmental insurance or may not even be aware that their current CGL policy does not adequately protect them from environmental losses. Our Victor expert, Marc LeBrun, helps shed some light on these points and explains environmental insurance in easy-to-digest video snippets provided below. Have a look and feel free to share these video snippets with colleagues and clients!

Frequently asked questions & answers 

  1. What is environmental insurance? (42 seconds)
  2. Who should have environmental insurance? (26 seconds)
  3. What is the common misconception about the Sudden & Accidental pollution endorsement usually found in CGL policies? (43 seconds)
  4. What are the types of conversations that brokers should consider having with their clients when it comes to environmental coverage? (48 seconds)
  5. What environmental insurance is available through Victor? (2 minutes, 20 seconds) 



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