Architects & Engineers Professional Liability Insurance

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Loss control bulletins & other resources

Loss control bulletins

Architects & Engineers: Sample terms of engagement

Architects & Engineers: Sample terms of engagement - Quebec

Architects & Engineers: The 10 principles of good practice

Architects & Engineers: When is a contract a contract?

Land surveyors: Construction layouts and "simple" errors

Land surveyors: To tell or not to tell


NEW! - The effect of economic conditions on insurance rates—and what this means for architects, engineers and other design professionals.  


Architects & Engineers: Professional liability insurance 101

Architects & Engineers: Risk management credit guide

Beyond the policy: Tap into our expertise


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Cyber risks: Typical day in the life of an engineer

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  • FREE cyber assessment & consultation service—exclusively for ALL Victor policyholders - Victor policyholders now have access to a cyber assessment & consultation service (valued at $397 CAN) at no additional cost. They can connect with a cyber expert for a one-on-one consultation (via a video or phone call in 90 minutes or less^) to learn about the cyber exposures their organization may be facing. More importantly, they can find out how they can protect themselves, their business, employees and clients from cyberattacks! #TheThreatIsReal