Claims Examples

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The following claims examples provide common scenarios where a claim may occur under a technology liaibilty policy.

Note: These Claims Examples are for illustrative purposes only. Please remember that only the insurance policy governs the coverage terms, conditions and exclusions.

Negligence & Misrepresentation

A software consulting company was sued for negligence and misrepresentation with respect to the design of a software program that was allegedly not compatible with the plaintiff’s computer system and did not perform as represented.

Remediation Expenses

A web hosting firm for a dental clinic faced remediation expenses which included credit monitoring for affected individuals when their network was hacked and personal information of over 500 patients was compromised.

Improper Functionality

A software developer was served with a claim by a U.S. client when the computer-based point-of-sale software they provided allegedly did not function properly, leading to both lost sales and lost customers.