Cyber Insurance Applications

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  • Simplified Victor Cyber insurance application form for small to medium-sized firms [PDF]
    • IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that our simplified Victor Cyber insurance application for small to medium-sized firms is the right fit for your business, please confirm that your firm meets ALL of the following criteria* before submitting this form:
      • Has gross revenues of $50,000,000 or less;
      • Is not a financial, collection or advisor firm; technology or media firm; law firm; franchise; municipality; or manufacturing, wholesale or distribution firm;
      • Is not involved in the direct supply of goods or services to the cannabis industry, nor is involved directly in the use or supply of cryptocurrency;
      • Has not experienced a cyber event in the past three (3) years that has resulted in financial loss of more than $10,000; and
      • Has not had any legal action brought or threatened against them or has not had a regulatory action initiated against them in the last five (5) years as a direct result of a cyber event.

*If your business does not meet ALL of the criteria as noted above, please complete our standard Victor Cyber insurance application form.