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Architects & Engineers in Private Practice

Victor’s professional liability insurance program for architects and engineers protects consulting and design firms in private practice who offer professional services such as architecture, engineering, interior design, land surveying, landscape architecture, project and construction management, environmental and technical consulting.

"Not all deductibles are created equal" resource page

Businesses may not be aware of the various deductible features that are available as part of Victor’s Architects & Engineers in Private Practice policy. On our "Not all deductibles are created equal" resource page, Victor expert, Corinne MacIntosh, explains deductibles and their benefits through short videos. We also provide examples of the deductibles in action to show how they could apply to a business. #NotAllDeductiblesCreatedEqual


This practice policy is available for firms providing professional services, including architectural, engineering, land surveying, project management and landscape architectural services.

For firms with annual fees of $500,000 or less, please visit our Architects & Engineers in Small Firms page.

Coverage details

  • Coverage is written on a claims-made and reported basis
  • Full prior acts coverage from establishment of firm
  • Annual and two-year policy period; premium paid in annual instalments
  • Guaranteed fixed premium for the policy term

Policy features

  • Excess coverage over separately insured projects (not insured through Victor)
  • Automatic 30-day extended reporting period
  • Automatic coverage for newly created or acquired firms
  • Design-build coverage
  • Asbestos coverage
  • Mould coverage
  • Non-cancellable except for non-payment of premium
  • Automatic waiver of subrogation rights if there is a written agreement in place that waives such rights


  • First Dollar Defence (deductible applicable to damages only; worldwide)
  • Aggregate deductible
  • Split damages deductible
  • Deductible reduction for claims settled as a result of a mediation process or if specific risk management conditions have been met
  • Automatic Difference in Deductible Reimbursement for project specific professional liability policies, sublimit $250,000

Submission requirements

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