Architects & Engineers Professional Liability

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Architects & Engineers in Private Practice

Victor’s professional liability insurance program for architects and engineers protects consulting and design firms in private practice who offer professional services such as architecture, engineering, interior design, land surveying, landscape architecture, project and construction management, environmental and technical consulting.


This practice policy is available for firms providing professional services, including architectural, engineering, land surveying, project management and landscape architectural services.

For firms with annual fees of $500,000 or less, please visit our Architects & Engineers in Small Firms page.

Coverage Details

  • Coverage is written on a claims-made and reported basis
  • Full prior acts coverage from establishment of firm
  • Annual and two-year policy period
  • Guaranteed fixed premium for the policy term
  • Premium paid in annual instalments
  • Limits available on a per claim and annual aggregate basis up to $25,000,000
  • First Dollar Defence (deductible applicable to damages only)
  • Aggregate deductible
  • Split damages deductible

Policy Features

  • Limits Exclusive of Defence Costs – regardless of the claim jurisdiction, the limits of liability are not eroded by claims expenses
  • First Dollar Defence – regardless of the claim jurisdiction, the deductible is applicable to damages only
  • Aggregate Deductible – should your firm experience claims, our aggregate deductible feature of 2x per policy period will help you in budgeting your claims costs
  • Deductible Reduction by Mediation – if a claim is settled through mediation and damage payments are paid on your behalf, your deductible will be reduced by up to 50%
  • Pollution Liability full policy limits available for pollution claims arising out of an error, omission or negligent act in the rendering of professional services to others
  • Attendance Costs  Reimbursement – up to $35,000 reimbursement for reasonable costs incurred to attend mediation, discoveries, pre-trial and trial
  • Disciplinary Action Reimbursement – up to $35,000 reimbursement of reasonable legal fees incurred to defend a disciplinary action brought against you or your firm; this includes any costs imposed on you by your regulatory body in relation to technical examinations or continued education
  • Crisis Event Expense Reimbursement – up to $35,000 reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by you for consulting services provided by a public relations firm in response to a crisis event

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