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Project Managers | Errors & Omissions

Victor's Project Managers policy protects project managers and the assets of their firms against a range of errors and omissions claims, including those resulting from deficiencies, extras, delays or business interruption.


  • Available only to project managers who work for Canadian-based companies in the construction industry
  • Project management team providing services for each project must be under the direction of an architect, engineer, architectural technologist or engineering technologist
  • Majority of fee income must be derived from Canadian projects; Generally, up to 25% of U.S. projects and 35% total foreign (including U.S.) projects are acceptable
  • Firms responsible for actual construction work or providing general contracting services are not eligible; The only exception is the erection of temporary structures (fencing, sign, site trailers, etc.) not themselves necessary for completion of projects

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form – Claims-made and reported
  • Policy Period – Annual policies
  • Capacity – Limits up to $5,000,000 per claim/aggregate (unless otherwise stipulated, the limit is inclusive of supplementary payments including claim investigation and defence costs, except in Quebec)
  • Deductibles – Starting at $5,000 per claim (unless otherwise stipulated, for projects in Canada, deductible does not apply to supplementary payments, which include claim investigation and defence costs)
  • Territory – Services rendered and claims made anywhere in the world

Submission Requirements