Green Construction Coverage Extension

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Victor’s Green Construction coverage endorsement was developed to complement our Builders Risk policy for qualifying construction projects seeking LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. Green building construction can include anything from the addition of a green roof, the use of environmentally sustainable building materials, or the installation of highly efficient heating/cooling/clean air and building envelope technologies.  

Coverage Details

  • Coverage Form – Coverage is provided by endorsement to the Builders Risk policy
  • Capacity – Sublimit of $500,000 per claim
  • Premium – Competitively priced

Endorsement Features

  • Additional costs incurred by the insured for Recycling Expenses, such as removal and reuse of damaged property for the purpose of recycling after an insured loss
  • Cost of LEED Re-certification and Re-registration following an insured loss
  • Public Utility Expenses, which are the necessary additional costs incurred to purchase supplementary power and/or water from a public utility following an insured loss
  • Air Quality Restoration Expenses, which are the additional costs incurred to restore air quality for LEED compliance

Submission Requirements

Please note that a separate application is not required for this endorsement.