Cyber Insurance

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Cyber risk is an exposure that no modern business can escape. The financial impact of cybercrime, business interruption and privacy events are now felt within all industries. With solutions designed for businesses of all sizes and in most industry sectors in Canada, our stand-alone Cyber product provides comprehensive, financially viable insurance options for businesses, with competitive pricing and free access to a market-leading mobile app, Victor Response (download via the Apple Store or Google Play).

Our Victor Response app helps businesses prevent cyberincidents by detecting vulnerabilities through tailored security alerts. It also provides access to enterprise grade security advice and an effective response method to notify an expert team instantly when assistance is required.

Businesses with Victor’s Cyber insurance policy have access to a range of world-class, proactive, cyber risk management services including perimeter security, password management, endpoint security and employee phishing training. These cyber risk management services are available exclusively from Victor to Victor Cyber policyholders.

In addition, we’ve created a variety of useful Cyber sales tools to share with clients.

Download the Victor Response app via the Apple Store or Google Play.

Please note that our Victor Cyber Insurance product is now available in French!


Our Cyber insurance is available for businesses of all sizes and in most industry sectors in Canada, with very few exceptions, and can be tailored to meet the specific needs and requirements of the applicant.

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form – Claims-made with discovery provision 
  • Full prior acts coverage
  • Policy period: Annual policies
  • Territory: Worldwide
  • Independent insuring agreements: Cyberincident response, Cybercrime, System damage and business interruption, Network security and privacy liability, Media liability, Court attendance costs
  • Nil deductible on initial incident response costs to report suspected or actual cyberevents
  • Exclusive risk management services accessible via our mobile app, Victor Response, in collaboration with specialist providers from around the globe. This app is available to policyholders free of charge. It has a wide range of best-of-breed services aimed at improving security before a crisis strikes:    
    • Phishing-focused training
    • Proactive threat intel alerts
    • Dark web monitoring
    • Deep scanning

Policy Features

  • Tailored, real-time threat intel through our mobile app,
    Victor Response
  • Market-leading incident response proposition
  • Comprehensive business interruption covering the full supply chain
  • Coverage for full data recreation
  • Full cybercrime coverage
  • Unlimited reinstatement

Submission Requirements