Cyber Security & Privacy Liability for Policyholders

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Most business professionals today rely heavily on technology to manage their company’s day-to-day operations and infrastructure, as well as to store their valuable data. While technology improves a company’s efficiency and ease of doing business, the downside is that it leaves the company vulnerable to cyber liability exposures. Victor offers a Cyber Security and Privacy Liability extension to protect professional liability policyholders against the following cyber liability exposures:

  • Security Breach – This is the third party liability risk associated with the unauthorized access, theft or destruction of data, including third party corporate information, within the insured’s computer network or other electronic information system. It can include denial of service attacks, virus transmissions and electronic security breaches. It may also include liability claims arising out of the theft of mobile computer equipment, such as laptops or cellphones, in order to appropriate data illegally.
  • Privacy Breach – This is the third party liability risk associated with theft of non-public personal information in electronic and hard-copy form and liability involving the failure to comply with privacy laws, or those regulations that govern the control, collection, access, transmission, use and accuracy of that information.
  • Data Personal Injury – This is a third party liability risk relating to personal injury, include the risk of libel or slander, disparagement, or violation of a person’s right to privacy, which arises out of the distribution or display of data, by electronic means.
  • Remediation and Notification Expenses – This includes the costs associated with claims or losses to notify affected parties of a security breach or privacy breach. It can also include cyber breach coach costs, computer security expert costs, credit monitoring, as well as costs for public relations, advertising or other media services to mitigate a potential loss due to cyber security and privacy liability.


This endorsement is available for attachment to the following policy types:

  • Architects and Engineers Professional Liability
  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Miscellaneous Errors and Omissions, including medical, financial and insurance brokers
  • Associations and Affinity Groups who are eligible

Coverage Details

  • Access to a Cyber Breach Coach
  • Coverage Form – Coverage is provided by endorsement to the respective policy
  • Capacity – Option of a sublimit up to $500,000 in the aggregate applies to this coverage; this sublimit is inclusive of supplementary payments, including defence costs (higher limits may be available upon request)
  • Annual Premium – Competitively priced and based on applicant’s exposures and revenue
  • No deductible

Submission Requirements