Environmental & Pollution Liability

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Environmental Cleanup & Liability Insurance for Premises

Victor’s Environmental Cleanup and Liability Insurance for Premises policy provides coverage for third party bodily injury and property damage resulting from Pollution Conditions on, under or emanating from a Covered Location. The policy also extends coverage for cleanup costs resulting from Pollution Conditions on or under Covered Locations.


The following provides an example of those eligible for Environmental Cleanup and Liability Insurance for Premises:

  • Hospitals
  • Municipalities
  • Waste storage and recycling facilities, transfer stations
  • Universities and schools
  • Golf courses
  • Manufacturers, warehousing
  • Various commercial occupancies 

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form – Claims-made and reported
  • There are two levels of coverage available:
    • Gradual and Sudden Pollution Conditions; or
    • Sudden Pollution Events only
  •  Capacity – Limits up to $10,000,000 each incident/aggregate
  • Policy Period – Annual policies; Multi-year policies
  • Standard Deductible – $5,000
  • Minimum premium  – Contact an underwriter
  • Territory – Coverage for premises located in Canada

Policy Features

  • On-site cleanup
  • Sudden Pollution Event form includes 120-hour or 240-hour detection and reporting limitation options
  • Emergency Remediation costs (Gradual form only)
  • Automatic extended reporting period of 30 days (Gradual form only)
  • Incidental Transit
  • Civil fines, penalties or assessments
  • Deductible does not apply to Supplementary Payments
  • The definition of cleanup costs includes restoration costs

Additional Coverages Available

  • Crisis Management Expense Extension
  • Mould
  • Business Interruption
  • Operations performed away from the covered location(s)

Submission Requirements