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Hardware Manufacturers Liability

Victor’s Hardware Manufacturers liability insurance provides comprehensive coverage to companies and their employees with protection against allegations of wrongful acts, as well as a broad range of cyber risks. Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance is also available on a monoline basis to insure exposures arising from bodily injury, property damage, personal injury and advertising injury, and product recall expense.


Coverage is available for Canadian-based companies that manufacture, design, assemble, distribute, maintain and service the following:

Computer and Electronics Products

  • Computers, including peripherals and storage devices
  • Office equipment and machinery
  • Electronic and semi-conductor components
  • Photonics
  • Other electronic products that are programmed and/or controlled by electronic circuitry

Communications Products

  • Radio and television broadcasting equipment
  • Telephone and telegraph apparatus
  • Communication subassemblies
  • Acoustic, optical, fibre optical equipment
  • Lasers and related equipment

Electronic Machinery and Equipment

  • Teaching equipment
  • Point of sale terminals
  • Electronic industrial equipment and machinery

Electronic Instruments

  • Industrial instruments for measurement, display and control
  • Scientific and laboratory analytical, test and measurement devices
  • Optical instruments and lenses
  • Watches, clocks and operational devices and parts


  • Computer installation, maintenance and repair
  • Distributors of electronic products and components
Please note: The availability of coverage for some of these classes will be governed by acceptability of individual risks based on the end-use of the applicant’s products.

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form –
    • E&O: claims-made and reported, including first and third party cyber risk protection
    • CGL: occurrence
  • Policy Period – Annual policies and multi-year policies
  • Territory – Services rendered worldwide

Policy Features

E&O Insurance (Claims-made Form)

  • First party loss and third party liability coverage
  • Cyber breach coach for first party loss
  • Intellectual property infringement coverage (including copyright, trademark, service mark, trade name and trade dress, but excluding patent infringement and trade secret)
  • Network and Security breach, Privacy breach and Data Personal Injury coverage
  • Duty to defend
  • Coverage for liability against damages resulting from criminal acts committed by a rogue employee
  • Coverage for claims made against the Insured by their employees in the event of a Privacy breach
  • Coverage for delay in the performance of a contract or agreement resulting from a wrongful act

CGL Insurance (Occurrence Form)

  • Basic limit of $25,000 per recall/aggregate limit for product recall expense coverage (options for increased limits and product recall expense with loss of profits as additional premiums)

Additional Coverages Available

  • Employment practices wrongful act liability coverage endorsement available for firms with less than 50 employees

Submission Requirements