Commercial Umbrella Liability

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Victor’s Commercial Umbrella Liability coverage provides effective protection against large losses and potential coverage gaps for a range of exposures. The policy provides limits to supplement those of a Commercial General Liability (CGL) and Automobile policy, as well as additional liability coverages not contained in the CGL. The term “umbrella” is derived from the fact that it is a separate policy over and above any other basic liability policies.


  • Primary coverage is available to existing policyholders and also where we do not write the Commercial General Liability (CGL)
  • Coverage is also available on an excess basis over other insurers’ forms
  • Professional liability is not included

Coverage Details

  • Policy Form – Occurrence
  • Capacity – Limits up to $20,000,000
  • Annual minimum premiums – Starting at $1,000 minimum premium per policy if we write the CGL; otherwise, $2,500. The minimum premium for excess Umbrella is $2,500
  • Territory – Worldwide territory
  • Nil Self-Insured Retention (S.I.R.)

Policy Features

  • Coverage for suits brought outside of Canada and the United States
  • Broader definitions of “bodily injury,” “personal injury,” and “advertising injury”
  • Additional limits mean protection against “worst case” judgments
  • Limits “step down” over listed sublimits and “drop down” over uninsured exposures, filling gaps in coverage

Submission Requirements