Retiree Benefits

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Program Overview

When you’re over 50 or getting ready to take the leap into retirement, there’s a lot to think about. And, it’s not all about travel plans and what to do next in this life adventure. Now is the time to consider how you plan to support your health and lifestyle once your employer-sponsored insurance benefits come to an end.

That’s Victor’s specialty. We’ve been offering retiree insurance to Canadian seniors since 1985, including health, dental, life and travel insurance.

Plan Options

  • Health & Dental Care – coverage for life, including semi-private hospital, dental services, prescription drugs, home nursing care, medical supplies, paramedical services and more. Rates do not increase due to age.
  • Annual Travel Insurance – optional plan offered to Victor Health and Dental Care Plan policyholders. Unlimited trips, multiple trip durations, $1 million coverage per person, per trip, and coverage for life. Opportunity to change trip duration annually without medical questions. Rates do not increase due to age.
  • RecoverEaseSM Insurance  – coverage for life, including cash benefits to assist with many expenses associated with recovering after a serious illness or injury, cataract benefits, medical equipment coverage, accidental death and dismemberment, and more.
  • Life Insurance – coverage for life with policy limits from $5,000 to $20,000, guaranteed acceptance (no medical exam required), Accidental Death Benefit, Living Benefit and more.

Additional Coverage

  • Individual Travel Insurance – choose from a variety of travel insurance plans in Canada or outside of the country. Enrollment in other Victor insurance plans is not required to purchase this coverage. For more information, click here.

Maple Virtual Health Care Service

Our policyholders have access to Maple's services at deeply discounted rates. With Maple, you can connect instantly with a Canadian-licensed physician by mobile phone, tablet or computer, anytime 24/7. Just like your regular doctor, Maple physicians can provide medical advice, diagnosis and treatment for many conditions such as chronic conditions, joint pain, UTIs, cold/flu, skin issues, eye/ear/bladder infections, and more. Avoid waiting rooms and unnecessary trips to the clinic and receive care at your convenience. Visit for more details.